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You need to show your management proof of concept how the business would improve integrating AR technology and get funding to expand the app.

You need a specific AR application that would increase product or service sells and awareness of your brand.

You have a sophisticated AR application/system in mind that involves management of hundreds of different content (3D models/effects, sounds/music, video material etc.) that can be augmented and keep expanding it constantly.

Fully integrate AR technology into your business and you have a need for a continuous support from our team, constantly adding new features and polishing the AR application that brings you a tremendous Return On Investment (ROI).

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Project Name_Paparmali 3 - AR Vuforia CR

Paparmali 3 - AR Vuforia CR

App name: Any ARt
Target market: Any
This Augmented Reality application can trigger such type of content: videos, music, models and their animations or interaction scenarios, images, text, trigger phone number call or augmented website on a plane. It is quite a trend nowadays as you can augment any content you want on any printed material. The best thing about it - you do not need to hold any content within the app itself. In general, everything depends on a specific idea and the content itself. This is all for your brand awareness and new marketing possibilities of the things you sell and the customer emotions you can trigger with your specific idea. Do not miss out the opportunity! Offer an immersive experience to your customers and bring interactivity to the next level!

Development platform: Unity3D 2019.1.10
AR SDK: Vuforia
Price: 495.00
We provide support and documentation.
Project Name_Paparmali 2 - AR Face Tracking

Paparmali 2 - AR Face Tracking

App name: AR Face Tracking
Target market: Any
Have you ever wanted to create something alike as Snapchat while tracking your face and adding camera effects, 2D filters or 3D masks? Well, this is your chance to boost up the application you want! This project is a perfect Augmented reality Face Tracking solution to augment different types of masks: ancient helmets, sci-fi helmets, crowns, boxing helmets, crowns, hats, Halloween pumpkins, hair styles, voodoo masks, but not limited to it. It is a perfect fit for the events/exhibitions to attract lots of people to you or your brand. The biggest advantage of this solution that mask augmentation takes place on every person detected on the camera view at random order. If user goes out of camera field of view, the next time he comes in - new mask may appear.

Development platform: Unity3D 2018.2.x
AR SDK: Kinect SDK
Price: 845.00
We provide support and documentation.
Project Name_Paparmali 1 - Augmented Reality Furniture App

Paparmali 1 - Augmented Reality Furniture App

App name: AR Furniture
Target market: Furniture
AR Furniture application offers an opportunity to “try out” the furniture (beds, sofas, chairs etc.) in the surroundings people lives. Such “try outs” brings awareness about the brand and may offer an opportunity to sell the furniture from the app itself, accordingly increasing the sales of that specific furniture brand. Imagine dragging, scaling, rotating and choosing the color of furniture at your place to see whether the furniture perfectly fits your home style without even going anywhere. That's the next big thing for selling something physical for only seeing it in an augmented reality view. For developers this “AR Furniture” project is a perfect Proof of Concept to get the development deal from your client.

Development platform: Unity3D 2018.3.3
AR SDK: 8thwall SDK
Price: 395.00
We provide support and documentation.
Project Name_Paparmali 4 - AR Superhero Outfit

Paparmali 4 - AR Superhero Outfit

App name: Augmented Reality Virtual Fitting Room
Target market: Retail and Events
One of the biggest trends we see in augmented reality applications is virtual fitting room. This approach allows tracking user body and adding virtual casual or superhero outfit on top of a person. In such way, virtual outfit perfectly follows user movements. Having an augmented reality application that allows trying out outfits will be as casual as drinking coffee in every retail clothing shop. You should not miss this opportunity or you may lose your clients in the end! Do not forget that augmented reality applications are all about emotions, if you trigger person's emotions - you make your sell in any field possible. Google statistics shows that 83% of sales are based on emotions, not logic sense, so keeping that in mind - augmented reality application is the way to go for every business.

Development platform: Unity3D 2018.3.14
AR SDK: Kinect SDK
Price: 995.00
We provide support and documentation.

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